Renegade Vegan is Brooklyn’s first and only plant-based food truck with majority of alkaline vegan dishes

Our founder Art Rasun El lost his cousin, NBA player Anthony Mason, suddenly due to congestive heart failure in 2015. With all the trainers, dietitians, and tests indicating Anthony were healthy, it was indeed a shock to his entire family.

Heartbroken and shocked at the cause of his cousin's death, Arthur began deeply researching food and diets and their effects on our bodies. He came across the teachings and food recommendations of Dr. Sebi.

It took him two years to fully research, understand and incorporate Dr. Sebi's alkaline vegan diet recommendations into his lifestyle. He quickly noticed positive life changes; he is no longer challenged by the severe allergies he had since childhood, his skin is clearer, he is more energetic after eating vs feeling lethargic, his brain is more active and clear and he feels lighter and happier.

Not wanting to let his cousin's death be in vain, and wanting to educate people on Dr. Sebi, his teachings, and an alkaline vegan diet - while still providing the same tasty meals we enjoyed since childhood, he created Renegade Vegan.

Renegade Vegan was purposefully envisioned as a food truck for the flexibility to educate people on alkaline vegan food and share tasty, healthy soul food with different communities.

All of our food is natural, we never incorporate hybrid foods, they are tastier than any fast food meal (that incorporate lab-induced vegetables and scraps of "meat" in their meals, and they are made fresh; no prepackaged meals over here.

Remember, we didn't change the menu, we just changed the ingredients!