About Us

Renegade Vegan is New York's first alkaline vegan food truck. Our goal is to create the same tasty dishes we enjoyed growing up, but with healthy ingredients.

Our dishes are inspired from herbalist, Dr. Sebi's alkaline nutritional guide, which consist's of natural vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and herbs.

Our fan favorite alkaline chick'n sandwich is made with chicken of the woods or oyster mushrooms, red onions, arugula, tomatoes and our popular Renegade Vegan (alkaline) cheese sauce, served on a spelt bun/bread.

The chopped cheese sandwich is magnificent! It is made with shredded portobello mushrooms, shredded walnuts, cheese sauce, red onions, arugula, served on a spelt bun/bread. It's so good you won't believe it's not meat.

All of our dishes are made with love; you won't find any soy, GMO or processed ingredients. No matter which tasty dish you choose, it will be sure to please!